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Freemasonry is a fraternal organisation meeting in groups known as lodges. We are not a secret society but a society with secrets and known worldwide for our charitable works. Written records show Freemasonry in Maldon Essex, active in 1772. Lodges have met at various establishments over the years, such as the Bull Inn, Blue Boar, Kings Head, Saint Peters Church and High Street premises. We now meet at the Maldon Masonic Hall, 3 Cromwell Hill, Maldon, Essex, CM9 7QD. Lodges meet a number of times a year, a ceremony takes place followed by members sitting down together to dine. A member of a lodge, can by invitation or request, visit and attend the meeting of another lodge. The Lodges meeting at Maldon Masonic Centre are:

  • The Lodge of Saint Peter 1024
  • Beeleigh Abbey Lodge 7017
  • Daen Ingas Lodge 7951
  • Wheel of Fellowship Lodge 9016
  • The Frederick Leistikow Lodge 9143

Any person interested in joining or becoming a member of a Maldon Lodge, should contact by writing or emailing  the Secretary of that Lodge for full details. Use ‘contacts’ button for email addresses

Once a member of a lodge, anyone who is interested in pursuing freemasonry further can become a member of other Masonic orders, such as Royal Arch and Rose Croix which both have meetings at the Maldon Centre. The bodies meeting at Maldon Masonic Centre are:

  • Plume Chapter – Royal Arch
  • The Frederick Leistikow Chapter – Royal Arch
  • Coromandel – Rose Croix